The WOOD Family Tree

Last update: 20th August 2012

Changes this update:

The contents of these pages gave not changed significantly - but I now have a members area where the entire contents of my research is available - but this is limited to people who are researching common lines & who are willing to share their research. If you think you are in this category - please mail me!

The HOOD Peerage Pedigree  extends to 1900. This is my main interest - if you can expand this I would love to hear from you.

I am now reasonably certain of my own link into the HOOD peerage pedigree. Check out the family of William & Jane HOOD at The HOOD Peerage Pedigree. Their son Samuel is almost certainly my direct ancestor (who married in Bridport in 1768), and  their son John is almost certainly the Bridport sailcloth maker (who witnessed Samuel's wedding & himself married in the same church just one month later). This makes the brothers Samuel & John first-cousins to Sir Samuel HOOD & Capt. Alexander HOOD. There is now substantial evidence of a relationship of this ilk, unfortunately nothing that provides 100% proof.

I have a list of all names that appear in my father's photograph album from HMS Anderson, Ceylon, WW2. See if there's anyone you recognise.

See: Dead Ends, Puzzles & Queries - all those loose ends (the 'leaves' of my tree).