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A summary of genealogical tail ends of lines I have researched to the point of being  close to 100% certain of their accuracy. The lines are listed in order of paternal preference. If you have hit the same lines - please mail me! 

John WOOD married 25 Dec 1788 at St Marys, Nottingham, Mary COOPE (b BET 1801-1806 in Nottinghamshire). Their son Thomas (bap at Greasley, Notts, 7 Jun 1801) married 12 Nov 1822 Mary Ann BLACK. Thomas & Mary lived variously  (up to 1841) in Nottingham at Hollow Stone, Tollhouse Hill, Carlisle St, Curr Lane, Carlisle Place, Cross Lane,Cross St. By 1851 Thomas was widowed & living in William Row, All Saints, Derby. Needed: bap & death records for Mary would hopefully allow me to extend her line. 

William PARSONS (b. ABT 1804, Coventry, Warwickshire; a Ribbon Weaver). Married 20 Nov 1824 at Holy Trinity, Coventry, Hannah WHEELER (b. ABT 1805, Chadwick End nr Hatton). The couple were in Coventry until at least 1833; between 1836 - 1839 they were in Congleton, Cheshire; and in 1851 they were Derby. They were back in Congleton by 1871, William being buried there.

Stephen PARKER (Overlooker of Weavers) married 1 Dec 1828 at Northenden, Cheshire, Hannah FIRTH. Their son Edward PARKER (b ABT 1841, d BEF 1881; Weaver) was living at 2 Sheffield Street, Hulme, Lancashire 1865/1866.

James BOARDMAN (Brickmaker) married 27 Feb 1832 at Manchester Cathedral, Ellen CLOUGH. His daughter Harriett BOARDMAN (b ABT 1846, Hulme, Manchester, Lancs). Harriett married Edward PARKER, 8 Jun 1865, Cath & Parish Church, Manchester.

William MILLAR (Master tailor). Married Katharine SHIELDS (b. ABT 1775, Dysart, Fife). Between 1800 - 1808 they had five children in Freuchie, Falkland, Fife.

Andrew MCGREGOR (Weaver & thatcher). Married 19 Dec 1794 at Kettle (marriage is also recorded at Falkland 23 Nov 1794); Isabella RAE. Four daughters 1796 - 1802 all baptised at Kettle.

James ROBERTSON (b. 13 Feb 1796, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland; d. 14 Feb 1863; variously Weaver / Shoe Maker). Married 13 Jul 1822, Falkland, Fife, Scotland, Catherine MURDOCH (b. 13 Feb 1796, Falkland; d 9 May 1860, Freuchie).  Birth dates are taken from family bible - I am suspicious that both were born on the same day! Lived in Freuchie, although James appears to have moved away after his wife's death, as I have been unable to locate James' death certificate. Catherine's parents......

David MURDOCH (b. ABT 1767, Fife; a Linen weaver). Married 31 Jul 1796 at Falkland, Catherine GREIG (b. ABT 1770, Fife). Living in Freuchie in 1841 (parents of the above Catherine).

William HOLME (Cotton Manufacturer) married Ellen. Their eldest son is Henry.

Henry HOLME (Warper). Father of Elizabeth HOLME (b ABT 1854; d. 1919). 

Elizabeth Holme married three times. The first to Thomas (sometimes erroneously recorded as John) HALL - they had a son William HALL, who moved to Australia c1911 & was living with his wife Eda at 5 Margaret Street, Petersham, Sydney. William was at some time in the Waterfall Sanitorium near Sydney (1920/30s). He died 1 Aug 1936 (after suffering from TB for approx 15 years) & is buried in Rookwood Cemetery. Eda died 4 Sep 1967 at Calvary Hospital, Kogarah and is also buried in Rookwood Cemetery.

William & Eda had a son Bernard HALL (b 5 Apr 1910, Newton Heath, Lancashire) who married Kathleen McMAHON 28 Apr 1934 at Annandale (they divorced 24 Oct 1950). Berhard died 9 Jan 1988 at Maclean Hospital and is buried at Maclean Lawn Cemetery.

Bernard & Kathleen had two children: Gladys HALL b c1935/6; d 12 Jun 1955 due to falling from a cliff near Maroubra Beach, South Maroubra, Sydney (& is buried in the same grave as her grandfather William) and John HALL (b approx 1937).

John is believed to have married Valerie(?) (marriage date unknown). They had two daughters Sandra & Linda. Their birth dates are unknown, but they are mentioned in the death notice of their greatgrandmother Eda (& hence were both born before 4 Sep 1967). Given John's approximate birth date, they were probably born after 1957.

Elizabeth HOLME's second husband was Joseph RIGBY. Her third husband was David MILLER (b. 20 Feb 1855, Crompton / Littleborough, Lancashire; d. 6 Jan 1931). Locating Elizabeth's birth record has proved one of my longest standing problems. Elizabeth spent most of her life in the Newton Heath / Clayton area of Manchester.

Samuel HOOD (b. EST 1745). Married 7 Apr 1768, at Bridport St Mary's, Sarah COOK (b. EST 1745). There is little doubt that Samuel links into the family of the famous HOOD seafarers - it looks almost 100% certain he is the son of William & Jane. See The HOOD Peerage Pedigree for further details.

Their son, James HOOD (bap. 25 Nov 1778, New Meeting House, Barrack St, Bridport; a Flax Spinner) married 8 Apr 1803, at Bridport St Mary's, Catharine SYMES (b. ABT 1782, Bridport, Dorset), daughter of Joseph SYMES and Sarah MEDWAY (married 30 Sep 1781 Bridport). James & Catherine had 9 children between 1804 - 1824, all at Symondsbury, near Bridport, Dorset.

Their grandson, John Knell HOOD (b. 21 Aug 1830, Bradpole, Dorset; a butcher, who spent at least 7 years as a gunner with the 6th Brigade of the Royal Artillery). He had a son, Samuel Frederick HOOD (b. 20 Aug 1859, MALTA), by Isabella BISHOP (b. 11 Jul 1836, Greenwich, Kent). It seems they never were married (although Isabella called herself "Mrs Hood", having left her husband Charles YELLAND). Samuel Frederick was not baptised until 10 Jun 1866, at St Alphage, Greenwich, Kent.

Joseph KNELL married 9 Feb 1745 at Minterne Magna (just north of Cerne Abbas), Dorset Ann BELLET. Their son John KNELL (bap 15 Mar 1763 at Cerne Abbas, bur. 31 Mar 1846 at Bradpole; a Mason). Married 7 Jan 1794, at Bradpole, Dorset, Hannah PIKE (bap. 15 Aug 1772, Bradpole, Dorset; bur. 23 Dec 1830).

Hannah's parents, Samuel PIKE (bap. 22 Jul 1733, Bradpole, Dorset, bur. 5 Apr 1816) married  7 Jan 1771 at Bradpole, Anne BURRIDGE (bap. 7 Mar 1736, Bradpole, Dorset).

Samuel's parents, Samuel PIKE married 1 Jan 1728 at Bradpole, Hannah DOWN.

Anne's parents, Thomas BURRIDGE married 1 May 1727 at Bradpole, Joan KEYMER.

Thomas BISHOP (b abt 1615) had several children baptised at St Olave, Southwark. The youngest boy, also Thomas BISHOP, b. 13 Mar 1655 married 5 Oct 1679 at St.George the Martyr, Southwark Margaret BOWES.

Thomas & Margaret's son Isaac BISHOP (bap 28 Oct 1696 at St.Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey) married 31 May 1722 Mary GOLLIDGE.

Isaac & Mary's son Samuel BISHOP (bap 20 May 1729 at St. Olave, Southwark) married 26 Oct 1761 at St.Olave, Bermondsey, Hannah HARMON.

Samuel & Hannah's son Samuel BISHOP (bap 9 Apr 1766 at St.Saviour, Southwark) married 17 Apr 1787 at St. Alphege, Greenwich. Eleanor HINDERSON.

Samuel & Eleanor's son Thomas BISHOP (bap 30 Jun 1792 at St. Alphege, Greenwich) married 16 Nov 1819 at St.Margaret's, Lee, Kent, Sarah Ann COWLING. Their daughter Isabella was the mother of the above mentioned Samuel Frederick HOOD.

Note: I am grateful to Norman Bishop for much of the above BISHOP family detail. Please visit his site:

Elizabeth Annie ROPER (b. 1 Jan 1860, Trooper Street, Frome, Somerset <now renamed Trinity Street>, d. 16 Jan 1915 Bromley, Kent). Married 13 Mar 1880 at Bermondsey Register Office, Samuel Frederick HOOD (see above). She was the second of four illegitimate children of  Elizabeth ROPER (b. ABT 1827 Frome, Somerset, d. 5 Apr 1907). The father of the eldest of these children  (Rosa ROPER) was John HARVEY, but he is unlikely to be the father of the others (Rosa was the subject of a bastardy order, the others were not). Due to her rapidly improving financial circumstances between the birth of her first & last child, it seems highly likely that Elizabeth ROPER was a prostitute.

George ROPER (b. ABT 1786 - possibly Wimbourne, Dorset; Work in Clothing Factory). Married 17 Jun 1811 at Frome Selwood Parish Church, Ann BEVILLE (b. ABT 1785, Shepton Mallet, Somerset). Ann's parents are believed to be James BEVIL (bur. 11 Oct 1807, Frome) and Ann. These Bevil(le)'s are probably descended from Samuel BEVIL (d. ABT 1780; Mariner of Shepton Mallet) & his wife Mary.

Richard BERRY (b. ABT 1775, Chipping Warden, Northamptonshire; d. 30 Jun 1861, Marton, Warwickshire; Collar Maker & later Saddler). Married 1 Jan 1799 at Cropredy, Oxfordshire, Anne SMITH (bap. 12 Apr 1778, Cropredy, Oxfordshire). There are strong indications that these BERRYs descend from a BERRY family from Dunchurch, Warwickshire.

Richard's parents are believed to be Samuel BERRY & Ann.

Anne's parents, William SMITH & his wife Sybilla had at least 13 children between 1771 - 1792, all baptised at Cropredy, Oxfordshire. Despite the common surname, I am confident these are the correct parents, due to the small size of the parish, the unusual mother's name, and the fact that at various family weddings the same family are repeatedly seen as witnesses through several generations.

This William SMITH is believed to be the son of  William SMITH (b abt 1713) married 21 Oct 1745 at Cropredy Ann MILLAR.

William BURNHAM married 17 Mar 1798 at Brownsover, Warwickshire, Mary BATES. They had 6 children between 1798 - 1817, all baptised at Brownsover. The eldest, Ann BURNHAM (bap. 19 Oct 1798, d. 2 Jul 1867 at Stratford) married 25 Jul 1823 at Saint Andrew, Rugby, Warwick, John BERRY (bap. 16 Nov 1800, Cropredy, Oxfordshire, 23 Apr 1878 at Stratford; Postboy, later Publican) son of Richard BERRY & Anne SMITH. (see above).

William BARNICLE (b. ABT 1761, d. 20 Dec 1834, Stratford; Basket Maker). Married 12 Oct 1792 at Holy Trinity, Stratford-on-Avon, Elizabeth PETTIFER (bap. 30 Sep 1770, Gaydon & Chadshunt, Warwickshire, d. 17 Jul 1852, Stratford). There are strong indications that these BARNICLEs originated in Hatton, Warwickshire.

Elizabeth's parents are probably George PETTYPHER married 30 Oct 1758, Harbury, Warwickshire, Hannah ASH (bap. 23 Nov 1735, Harbury, Wark).

Hannah's parents are probably Amon ASH married Mary COMPTON.

James ROOM married 5 Feb 1770, Ivinghoe, Bucks, Elizabeth DAYTON (b. ABT 1745). Note James' son, grandson & great-grandson were all bricklayers, so it is highly likely James also was. It is also likely that James is descended from Arthur ROOME (d. ABT 1682, Northall, Bucks; bricklayer) and his wife Anne. Also note the family John ROOM & Sarah BROWNE married 7 Jan 1733 Tring/Aldbury, Hertfordshire, with a daughter Elizabeth bap 2 May 1735 Leighton Buzzard - this John was also a bricklayer, died c1758 at Leighton Buzzard. These various sets of bricklaying ROOMs are almost certainly related.

Probable parents of Elizabeth DAYTON: Joseph DEIGHTON (bur. 22 Jan 1807, Ivinghoe, Bucks). Married Mary COLLIER.

James ROOM (b. ABT 1772, Ivinghoe Bucks, bur. 18 Dec 1816, Edlesborough Bucks; Bricklayer). Married Sarah WARE (b. ABT 1773, Chesham Bucks, bur. 8 Jan 1854, Edlesborough Bucks).

Thomas WEBB (b. EST 1780). Married Elizabeth ????. At least five children between 1805 - 1813, baptised at Eddlesborough & Eaton Bray.

James WARREN (b. BET 1786 - 1791, Bucks; Sawyer). Married 11 Sep 1810, Ivinghoe, Bucks, Ann BIGNELL (b. BET 1791 - 1796, Bucks).

William SYMONDS (bap. 17 May 1780, Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire). Married 9 May 1798, Ivinghoe, Bucks, Fanny SYMONDS (bap. 31 Jan 1779, Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire).

George JAY (b. ABT Nov 1862, West Ham; Waterside labourer / Crane Driver). Married 10 Aug 1884, Parish Church, Poplar, London, Annie Elizabeth GREEN (b. ABT 1863). Living at 44 Malabar Street, Poplar, London, E16 in 1900. Identifying the birthplaces for this couple may have to wait until 2002 when the 1901 census is released.

John MATTINGLEY (b. ABT 1814, Bookbinder). Married Jane LOCKWOOD (b. ABT 1816, St Andrew's, Middlesex). Living at 107 Great Saffron Hill, London in 1841/51.

Edward TARGET (bap. 18 Apr 1810, St Marylebone, St Mary St, Marylebone Rd, London; Porter). Married 31 Jan 1830, St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London, Hannah TUTTON. Living at 3 Martlett Court, St Martin in the Fields in 1841.

Pierre DULIEU (b. Nerac en Guienne, France). Married 23 Feb 1695, St Dunstan's, Stepney, London, Margueritte ROUVIERE. This couple are believed to be the ancestors of ALL DULIEUs now living in the UK.

James HAMMOND married Mary ????. Only known child Elizabeth HAMMOND (b. 27 Jan 1818, Bethnal Green, Middlesex). Elizabeth married 29 Apr 1861, St Jude parish church, Bethnal Green, Joseph DULIEU (b. ABT 1811, Bethnal Green, Middlesex).

William SMITH (Cord Wainer). Married Sarah BRYAN. Only known child, Sarah SMITH (b. 22 Apr 1854, 40 Old Nichol Street, Bethnal Green) who married John William DULIEU (b. 14 Mar 1853, 3 Fleet St.Hill, Bethnal Green).

Robert HARTT (b. ABT 1760, d. 2 Feb 1837). Married 15 Jul 1783, Folkingham, Sarah NEWBERRY. Only known child John HARTT (bap. 5 Mar 1786, Folkingham, Lincoln, England; Banker - in Norwich, Norfolk).

William BAYFIELD (Farmer). Married Elizabeth BUNN (b. ABT 1766, East Tuddenham, Norfolk).

Charles FAIR (b. BEF 1700, Pumpmaker in Norwich). Son, John FAIR (b. ABT 1726, Norwich; Pumpmaker), married 24 Apr 1750, St Mary in the March, Norwich, Susannah NEWSON.

James CLARE (Boot Manufacturer, in Coventry). Married 24 Nov 1817, Holy Trinity, Coventry, Harriet ASTON.

Jeremiah ROBINSON (Master Shoe Maker, in Coventry). Daughter, Martha ROBINSON (b. ABT 1830).

John HATTRELL (b. ABT 1795, Sutton, Surrey; Shoe Maker). Married 26 Dec 1814, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, Elizabeth SHROSBREE (b. ABT 1795, St Lukes, Middlesex).

John CALLOW (b. 10 Jan 1807, Primrose Street, London; Milkman / Shop Keeper). Married Elizabeth ALEXANDER (b. 26 Jul 1808, Hungerford, Berks). John's mother was Ester ???? (b. ABT 1782, Bristol, Somerset).

Alexander CHRISTIE (Blacksmith). Son, William George CHRISTIE (b. ABT 1859; Ship's Steward / Waiter).

Joseph SCALES (Ship's Captain). Daughter, Lily SCALES (b. ABT 1878).

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