Pearl Hood & Stanley Wood Pantomimes Worthing (1956 - 1979)

The most public image of the dancing school was the pantomimes that were staged at the Worthing Pavilion Theatre between 1956 and 1979. Those between 1956 and 1978 were produced under the name of the The Pearl Hood and Stanley Wood School of Dancing. Following Stan's death in 1978, the 1979 pantomime was produced under the name of the Pearl Hood School of Dancing.

Pearl was disappointed when she saw a pantomime which she believed used material inappropriate for children, and said she could do a better job, to which Stan replied: "why don't you?". The rest is history.

(Note that the 1956 through 1969 pantomimes were combined Dancing Displays & 'potted' pantomimes. From 1970 onwards the Dancing Display & Pantomime were separate shows. The last Dancing Display was 1977).

Use links at left for more details From 1970 onwards, there were separate shows for the Pantomime and Dancing Display © 2014 Keith Wood