Stanley Wood - Royal Navy service.

Stanley Wood in Navy uniform

Stan joined the Royal Navy on 24th November, 1942. Initially sent to  HMS "Royal Arthur" at Skegness for 37 days for preliminary training:
December 1942. HMS Royal Arthur, Skegness. Stan is in 2nd row from back, 4th from right

On January 1st 1943 he moved to Brighton to start training for telegraphist (S.O.). He started learning the morse code & before leaving had reached the speed of 20 words per minute. Staying here until 28th April 1943.
March 1943, Brighton. Stan is in 2nd row, 5th from left

After a short leave he moved to Eastbourne on the 10th May 1943. Here, his morse speed was increased to 28 words per minute & learnt Japenese morse & various other procedures.

He sailed from Liverpool 26th October 1943, travelling via the Suez Canal, finally arriving in Ceylon in December 1943.

Stan was stationed at H.M.S. Anderson near Colombo for the next two years. During that time he joined the station's concert party The Anderson Players and took part in several productions.

He regretted not taking a camera with him, and so sent to the UK for one. His authorisation to use a camera is dated 25th November 1944:

Stan organised a dancing class in Colombo in 1945:

He returned home on board the Nea Hellas. Leaving Colombo 21 December 1945; Port Said 1 January 1946; Glasgow 10 January 1946; arriving home 13 January 1946.

Stan was discharged from the Navy 12 July 1946:

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