Wish List of missing items:

The following items I particularly wish to locate - if you have a copy of any of these, please contact me (email link & phone number at top of page):

If you have something that doesn't appear on this site - I'd love to have a copy.

People I would like to contact: 

Don Allen, Jacqui Arnold, Andrew & Susan Ashton, Elizabeth Baltrus, Christine Birchall, Gillian Bunce, Arthur Burt, Keith Cooper, Carol Dart, Rowena Duval, David Erskine, Paul Gold, Brian & Christopher Gough, Sally Greville, Carol Grove, Marjorie Gwatkin, Patricia Hitchcock, Don Hughes, Alex James, Debra Kingsley, Diana McNeill, Joan Mills, Annette Morris, Basil Norris, Elsa Redbourne, Joanna Schifferstein, Pat Smytherman, Gwen & Theo Van Nim Wegan, David Waghorn.

Email using the link at the top of this page or telephone: 0151-324-1959

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